Frustrated Aussies have lashed out at police for shutting down a secretive rave at a headland overlooking Bondi Beach.

Police were called to Ben Buckler Point, North Bondi, at about 4.20pm after receiving reports from council about the “unauthorized event”.

Hundreds of people – most who found out about the event through Instagram reels, TikTok videos and word of mouth – were at the sunset rave.

It’s understood the location of the raves is not publicly available and can only be found in a secret WhatsApp group.

Footage shared on social media showed the carefree ravers dancing to music played by an open-air DJ as rain fell at the lookout spot.

But things quickly soured when police arrived and broke up the “illegal” event.

“A large number of people were in attendance and with the assistance of additional police from nearby commands, officers enforced the alcohol prohibited area,” a NSW Police spokesperson told

“The crowd complied and had dispersed by 9pm with no arrests made.”

Popular Sydney event account Bondi Lines questioned why police felt the need to break up the rave.

“Surely we should be able to put some DJs on in a public space on a Sunday arvo. Shocker,” they wrote, sharing a clip of the huge crowd gathering on the rocks.

Frustrated rave attendees also took to social media to blast police.

“The fun police are on it again,” one disappointed person wrote, sharing a clip of seven officers at the rave.

“Oh no no no, you can’t have people gathering in the name of merriment,” agreed another.

“Good while it lasts,” shared a woman.

Some, however, were happy to see police intervene.

“Pure cringe fest glad it was shutdown my eyes couldn’t handle it anymore,” wrote one local.

“Was it approved, were there insurances in place, were there toilet facilities?,” questioned another.

The anonymous organizer behind the rave vowed the event would go bigger and better in the future.

“I have to find a way to do this party without the police throwing us out,” they wrote.

“The next party will be in another spot so be aware this does not end.

“This will be massive, see you next time.”

A similar sunset rave at North Bondi earlier in the month “went off” and managed to escape council and police attention.

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