Vanity Fair Party Designers Tease What to Expect

This year’s Vanity Fair Oscar party will mark the hot-ticket soiree’s 30thth anniversary.

While the magazine is keeping tight-lipped on what exactly is planned to commemorate the milestone (because editor-in-chief Radhika Jones wants the VIP guests surprised), it’s no secret that the dinner and after-party will, for the ninth consecutive year , take place in a custom-built venue on the grounds of the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills. Construction takes about three weeks with an additional week dedicated to taking it all down.

Variety caught up with the party’s longtime architect Basil Walter and his first-time collaborator, creative director and designer Will Cooper, to talk about the four-month process of designing, planning and building this year’s bash.

What did Radhika Jones say to you about what she envisioned for this year’s party, especially since it’s the 30thth anniversary?

Walter: It was just a notion of, ‘How do we make it different. How do we change it?’ And I think bringing in Will as someone who hasn’t participated in it, there’s always an opportunity for freshness when you get a new set of eyes on something.

Will, what was it like getting the offer

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