Brad Pitt’s style evolution over the years, from casual to dapper: how he went from jeans, tees and blond hair in the 90s, to suits on the red carpet, to breaking the internet with bold looks at 60

The actor and producer had already established the laid-back aesthetic in the early days of this career. At the Red Heat Premiering in 1988, the then 24-year-old-actor wore a casual ensemble of jumper and trousers under a leather jacket.

Denim ruled during Brad Pitt’s Thelma & Louise phase. Photo: Getty Images

Pitt was 27 when he landed a role in the 1991 adventure thriller film Thelma & Louise. The film was a pivotal point in his career and launched him to stardom.

At the movie’s premiere, the actor sported a denim-on-denim look under an oversized blazer. He wore his favorite suede shoes and accessorized with a pair of round sunglasses.

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He had long hair for a while

Brad Pitt went hippy for a while and let his hair grow. Photo: Getty Images

Later, the actor channeled some serious hippy vibes with oversized clothes and his beach blonde hair falling below his shoulders.

And then came the ponytail. Brad Pitt in the mid-1990s. Photo: Getty Images

At the premiere of the classic 1994 movie Interview with a Vampire, Pitt kept it casual in a

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