Week in review: Clothing overproduction, overconsumption and can tech fix it?

The pursuit of “material wealth” has a complex relationship with overconsumption, especially clothing. And we live in a society where consumers are highly influenced by societal pressure and advertising; where the idea of ​​having everything irrespective of need has led to a wasteful consumption culture.

I understand overconsumption through the vicious loop set up by the fast fashion industry. The rapid production of cheap clothing that is advertised as seasonal ranges and must-haves by brands encourages people to get their hands on everything. This idea of ​​staying “in-trend” leads to mindless consumption of clothing.

But consumers can’t be blamed alone since overproduction is as much a part of the problem.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting, with over 100 billion garments produced each year and 92 million tonnes ending up in landfills based on the data shared by earth.org.

The Fashion Transparency Index 2023 explains that mitigating fashion waste remains the elephant in the room with a 3% increase in fashion brands not disclosing their annual production volumes (88% in 2023 compared to 85% in 2022).

The crux, though, is that both overproduction and overconsumption

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Discover what are the most sustainable fashion capitals

London and New York, Berlin and Copenhagen can be considered among the most eco-conscious global fashion capitals according to a ranking compiled by Arka, a US packaging specialist.

The statistics were filed collecting various data including thrift store counts, search interest in sustainable fashion, and key metrics like sustainability and recycling rates across 22 worldwide fashion capitals.

Each city was assigned a score according to a calculation that includes the number of thrift shops, searches for thrift stores, searches for sustainable clothing upon a scale from 0 to 100 for each city. Then these numbers were added to the city’s sustainability rate and recycling rate percentages to get a final score.

London tops the list as the biggest sustainable fashion hub with an index score of 309.47. Being a home to 200 thrift stores and significant online interest in sustainable clothing for search terms like “thrift stores” or “sustainable fashion”, it shows a growing tendency towards second-hand fashion. London’s notable sustainability rate of 81.65% and a high recycling rate further secure the city’s position in the ranking with the highest total index of 337.43.

Arka's statistics on most sustainable cities of the world, 2024

Arka’s statistics on most sustainable cities of the world, 2024

Slightly lower with a total index

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ready to launch with Olympic flair│ Paris Olympics│ Taiwanese designer│ Taekwondo│TVBS新聞網

TAIPEI (TVBS News) — The upcoming 2024 Taipei Fashion Week Autumn/Winter, set to take place on April 25, has announced its main visual theme as “Ready to Launch,” echoing the atmosphere of the fashion week and the summer sports event, the Paris Olympics.

The Ministry of Culture said the fashion week’s main visual and promotional video, which integrates elements of fashion, sports, and culture, will feature national taekwondo player Chiu I-jui and professional modern dancer Chang Yu.

The pair will be dressed in outfits designed by Taiwanese designer Justin Chou, which incorporate Taiwanese craft features and will debut as the uniform for the Taiwanese delegation at the Paris Olympics. Minister of Culture Shih Che said that fashion is one of the important mediums for expressing cultural characteristics. For individuals, clothing is a tool for expressing aesthetics and a medium for identity transformation.

On Friday (April 26), for the first time, a public event, L’Histoire et la Couture, is planned to invite the public to experience the cross-border charm of fashion and art culture. Registration for the event will open on the official website from Tuesday (April 16).

During the fashion week, there will also be a “Cultural Olympics Fashion Exhibition,”

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