Will Victoria Beckham for Mango reignite our love of high street collaborations?

Last week, the fashion world was abuzz with the news that Victoria Beckham had designed a capsule collection for Mango. The joint announcement on Instagram garnered 22.5k likes and over 600 comments, with fans clearly enthused by the collaboration. (“I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want,” read one comment). While scant details are currently available, we do know that the collection will include tailoring, dresses and versatile knitwear, as well as ‘day-to-night’ bags, accessories and shoes, with the sneak peek images showing white suiting and pastel slip dresses .

Designer collaborations with high street brands have become par for the course in the past two decades, with new ones announced every year, to varying levels of success. So why do designers keep doing them?

“A designer collaboration is a viable opportunity to increase market share while the designers maintain their market position,” explains Dr Bethan Alexander, Reader in Fashion Retailing & Marketing at the Fashion Business School, London College of Fashion. “The luxury market is facing unprecedented challenges right now, so it’s especially important. Maintaining sales is difficult, but the quick, relatively easy cash injection from collaborations is appealing.”

mango x victoria beckham
Mango x Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham for

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Pepsi® Launches New Look by Refreshing Classic Fashion Staples with Special PR

Pepsi marks its bold new era with an innovative partnership with emerging designer Jackson Cowden, celebrating not only Pepsi’s new identity, but the reinvention of classic fashion items and conventions, via Special PR.

In partnership with 22-year-old emerging ‘Digital Fashion Artist’, the launch of the Pepsi Pulse Collection showcases Pepsi’s new visual identity, while challenging the status-quo of traditional design.

The bespoke 10 piece strong collection is designed distinctly AI first, taking inspiration from Pepsi’s new brand look and refreshing old familiar staples such as the little black dress and the classic white shirt; with modernity injected through innovative AI methods.

Special PR managing director Alex Bryant said, “Finding an interesting way to celebrate such an iconic brand’s refresh was an amazing challenge for us in our first major campaign for Special PR for Pepsi. Taking inspiration from an industry that knows how to reinvent and refresh, we were thrilled to find a shared vision with fashion designer and Creative Director for the collection, Jackson Cowden. This campaign launch demonstrates how Pepsi continues to challenge conventions, push the boundaries, and always puts enjoyment first.”

Vandita Pandey, ANZ chief marketing officer, Snacks Beverages at PepsiCo Australia said, “Following on from hugely

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Bottega Veneta: How Bottega hacked the paps-to-fashion media pipeline

That’s what Thomaï Serdari, professor of marketing and director of NYU’s Fashion & Luxury MBA calls a luxury approach to media: “Let others talk about you — you are above it all,” she says. “Exclusivity, dominance, true luxury positioning.” Bottega Veneta declined to comment for this article, or share details on the team behind the idea. A representative from Bottega Veneta said it was a concept by Matthieu Blazy.

It’s not the first time a Kering brand has tapped into the tabloid aesthetic. In September, Gucci featured Jenner and her boyfriend Bad Bunny in a campaign captured as if papped at the airport. And celebrities are often gifted full looks by brands to wear around town, as if they’re walking advertisements. Bottega’s point of difference is that Jenner and Rocky weren’t just papped wearing the looks, they were modeling a campaign before we knew it was one.

The rollout is the significant strategy here, says Sophie Roche Conti, founder of communications agency Conti Communications. “[Its ability to] prompt the consumer to look at the images twice is what makes it intelligent. The images are acknowledged initially as traditional paparazzi images, and now in our second sitting, we are re-digesting them

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