Pinterest Predicts Upcoming Trends for 2024 + Other Fashion News

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Plus, Canada Goose announces a multi-year partnership with Giants of Africa.

Pinterest reveals its 2024 trend predictions

Pinterest Predictions 2024
Image courtesy of Pinterest

Want a peek into the future? Pinterest Predicts 2024 has just been released and it’s got the scoop on emerging trends.

For starters, bows aren’t going anywhere, as they’ll continue to adorn outfits, shoes, hairstyles and jewellery, just the same as silver and chrome, which have steadily been making their way into the mainstream. Grandmacore will morph into “Eclectic Grandpa,” more people will use scraps and shreds to make zero-waste projects, and a retro jazz aesthetic will ascend out of pretty much nowhere. What’s more, a little birdie told us that badminton would be the activity du joureven for the pickleball-obsessed.

But Pinterest isn’t just taking a guess and hoping for the best, nor is their office filled with fortune tellers. Thanks to the 482 million people using Pinterest to plan their whole lives (you know, that new home reno project, an upcoming vacation, the dream wedding), Pinterest has unique insight into the future and can tell what’s about to take off before it does. So dive

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NYPD to crack down on ‘sloppy’ cops with ban on shorts, white turtlenecks, cargo pants

They’re real fashion police: Fed up with sloppy cops, the NYPD has moved to update its dress code, banning shorts on transit beats and white turtlenecks while on patrol.

The department’s updated style guide, set to take effect next month, also instructs patrol officers not to wear tactical cargo pants and reinforces longstanding guidance including a tire on shoelaces that are not black.

NEW YORK - JULY 11: An NYPD officer keeps watch inside Times Square subway station July 11, 2006 in New York City.  Police raised security on subways in the city following the bombings of trains in India that killed at least 147 people.  (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Mario Tama/Getty Images

An NYPD officer keeps watch inside the Times Square subway station in this file photo. Fed up with sloppy cops, the city Police Department has moved to update its dress code, banning shorts on transit beats and white turtlenecks on patrol beats. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Inspector Paul Saraceno, who led a committee that has reviewed police attire since last summer, presented the crackdown as an effort to ensure a uniform, professional-looking force, rather than a product of any specific faux pas.

“I believe that in every profession, if you take it seriously and you act professionally, you dress professionally, you present yourself the same way, it revolves around everything you do,” Saraceno said.

“If you’re not squared away, if you’re sloppy, it speaks to who you are,” he added. “We expect professionalism

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