Guide to Applying Smart Casual Style for Men – Smart casual is often the dress code for men to attend various events, whether going to the office or on a date.

This style of dress can make us look classy and sophisticated, but still relaxed and comfortable.

But if it is not implemented well, style smart casual can look boring and less attractive to look at.

What is smart casual?

Smart casual is basically a combination of two opposite words. Smart describes a neat appearance, while casual is a relaxed style.

It’s not surprising that people are often confused about the rules of this style. Hence, style smart casual often considered like blank paper that we can scribble on as we please.

We can combine a neat top with more casual bottoms, or vice versa. For example, wearing a blazer and jeans, or a t-shirt top with trousers.

Generally, this style of dress is used by men to go to events that are relatively relaxed but still formal, such as wedding receptions, dates or dinner parties.

Showing smart casual attributes is not as easy as combining a blazer with jeans. We need pieces of clothing that match so that they look complementary and don’t make us stand

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OPINION: Denver Fashion Is Too Casual

Denver natives and transplants agree on one thing: Denver fashion is too casual.

On TikTok, many women have come forward to share their experiences feeling judged by their outfits. They say no one dresses up in Denver. Athleisure reigns supreme and any deviation from casual looks and natural colors is met with criticism.

“Since I moved here, I realized it’s almost cheugy to try to look nice,” said Abbey Mellies, who moved to Denver from Kansas City. “But I do still want to fit since I’m new here. I don’t want to stand out too much.”

Women are becoming so self-conscious of looking like they’re trying too hard that they’re turning to social media for outfit approval.

“Did I do good?” Mellies asked, wearing an oversized sweatshirt, crop top and ripped jeans. “Let me know.”

Photo from Abbey Mellies’ TikTok

Dressing even remotely fancy can lead to embarrassment.

Before entering a restaurant for her birthday dinner, Sydney Hulse sat in her car and braced herself for outfit backlash.

“I’m wearing a semi-trendy outfit, it’s not even that big of a deal, but I’m already feeling embarrassed because of the judgment I’m gonna face from freaking Denver, Colorado,” said Hulse,

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