4 Outfit Choices for Fat Body Owners, from Casual to Very Fashionable Formal

JATIM TIMES – Having a fat body, sometimes for some people, is enough to make them lack self-confidence. As a result, the clothes worn by the owner of this body are sometimes just the same.

People with fat bodies sometimes feel less confident wearing bright colored outfits. In fact, it will actually make your appearance fresher, you know.

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So, for those of you who have a fat body, here are 4 fashionable outfit choices that you can copy to make your appearance more different every day.

First, casual style. If you are used to wearing dark colored outfits, try now with colored clothes. For example, choosing this colorful striped t-shirt.

Then, combine it with white jeans and add a medium jeans jacket to support your outfit. Guaranteed, your casual style will look fresher and more cheerful.

Second, feminine style. You can have a feminine style by wearing a dress. For example, a mini dress with a wide neckline cut with a floral pattern in a combination of black and brown.

This type of dress with puff accents on the sleeves is also cute to wear.

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9 Smart Casual Style Ideas from Thai Actor Tawan Vihokratana

In clothing style, it is now in style smart casual it could be your choice to mix and match. Smart casual is a men’s mix and match style that is neat, conventional, but tends not to be too formal.

For example style smart casual the style of Thai actor Tawan Vihokratana is cool and stylish. Here are nine style ideas smart casual Tawan Vihokratana style that you can copy. Listen, OK? Bro!

1. Simple and impressive style smartcombine with a plain green t-shirt army and trousers jeans black. For footwear, you can wear it sneakers white

9 Smart Casual Style Ideas from Thai Actor Tawan Vihokratana, Stylish!Tawan Vihokratana’s smart casual style ideas (instagram.com/tawan_v)

2. Color combination earth tones with a green T-shirt army And loose pants colored cream suitable for you to wear when relaxing

9 Smart Casual Style Ideas from Thai Actor Tawan Vihokratana, Stylish!Tawan Vihokratana’s smart casual style ideas (instagram.com/tawan_v)

3. Combination sweatshirts black, pants jeans, as well as sneakers White is no less cool for you to use when hang out

9 Smart Casual Style Ideas from Thai Actor Tawan Vihokratana, Stylish!Tawan Vihokratana’s smart casual style ideas (instagram.com/tawan_v)

4. Bored with pants jeans And chinosyou can combine corduroy trousers with hoodies purple color to look attractive

9 Smart Casual Style Ideas from Thai Actor Tawan Vihokratana, Stylish!Tawan Vihokratana’s smart casual style ideas (instagram.com/tawan_v)

5. Perform with technique layeringjust mix it up outer black

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Malaika Arora rocks casual style in her doodle-printed t-shirt; the special appearance of her pet Casper is all things adorable – Pic |

Malaika Arora, renowned for her impeccable sense of style, once again turned heads with her latest workout ensemble, effortlessly blending fashion and fitness into a stunning display. Spotted outside her yoga studio on Thursday, the diva showcased her flair for athleisure with a chic and quirky twist.

Clad in sleek black yoga pants that accentuated her enviable physique, Malaika paired them with a striking white T-shirt.

What sets this ensemble apart was the captivating detail adorning the T-shirt—a colorful doodle featuring none other than Malaika herself, accompanied by her beloved canine companion, Casper.
The doodle, a whimsical portrayal of Malaika and Casper, added a playful touch to her workout attireshowcasing her love for her furry friends and her unique sense of personal style.

Malaika Arora.

Malaika Arora joins ex-husband Arbaaz Khan and his wife Sshura Khan for a family dinner, gets clicked with Salim Khan

Meanwhile, on the work front, Malaika Arora was last seen as a judge on the popular reality show ‘Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa.’ Furthermore, her personal life is also abuzz with excitement as her son with former husband Arbaaz Khan, Arhaan Khan, prepares to embark on his own journey in showbiz with a captivating podcast entitled

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The Casual, Oversized Jacket Trend Truly Works For Any Spring Outfit

Fashion trends come and go, and outerwear trends prove no exception. This spring, we’re seeing a shift toward lighter and breezier outerwear options, specifically focusing on pieces that feature oversized, long, and relaxed-fit cuts. In other words, your slim-fitting coats and cropped biker jackets may have to sit this season out to make room for more casual styles and breathable fabrics. Instead, curate your spring wardrobe with textured ’90s bombers, denim shirt jackets, and worker-inspired canvas jackets.


What’s more, oversized clothing is one of 2024’s biggest trends, as it’s fun to style from season to season, especially during transitional times with sporadic temperature differences. They also make essential layering pieces, allowing you to bundle up or down depending on the weather, not to mention delightfully cozy on chillier days. However, assembling an outfit with oversized or loose-fit elements requires a keen eye, so follow these tips to find a balance while styling your oversized ‘fits.

The ’90s oversized denim looks make a comeback

If you think ’90s basics are very much in for 2024, you’re correct. It’s time to dig out your vintage denim jacket and pull off the ’90s babe look. However, you’ll want to

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What is California casual style? |

When you envision a house in California, what comes to mind? For most of us, it’s beautifully bright, airy rooms with tall ceilings and oversized windows to let in an abundance of natural light. It’s a blend of textures, colors, and details that pay homage to the natural world, while retaining a sense of warmth and coziness. Well, if any of that sounds completely dreamy to you, you probably need to incorporate California casual style into your home.

This interior design style isn’t a new trend by any means, but it’s an aesthetic that has endured, and for good reasons. It doesn’t matter if you don’t actually live in California, or on the coast (although bonus points if you do). This style is all about embracing indoor-outdoor living, seamlessly blending aesthetics that are lean coastal, rustic, and modern all in one.

‘California Casual style instantly transports you to sunny days, warm breezes, and plenty of indoor-outdoor connections. It invites you to kick your shoes off and sit anywhere because nothing is precious and everything is to be enjoyed with family and friends. It’s a room that accommodates children and pets and has a timeless, welcoming vibe,’ explains Mollie Ranize, lead

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LE SSERAFIM Huh Yunjin and Her Casual Essentials

Want to give your wardrobe an Acubi-Y2K twist? We made a quick style guide on how you can cop Huh Yunjin’s distinct style through her wardrobe essentials

Let’s be honest—when it comes to fashion, having a go-to fitspiration is the fool-proof cheat sheet for looking chic. It’s because you either think of these celebrities and influencers as your own guide due to your similar style or plan to recreate their fashion in the long run. One way to go about it is to figure out the clothes and accessories they usually wear so you can build your wardrobe from there. And with that, we’re putting the spotlight on LE SSERAFIM’s Huh Yunjin and her Acubi-Y2K-looking style, and how you can easily recreate it.

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Outerwear collection

When it comes to outerwear, best believe that the K-Pop star will have one on in any type of weather. Winter in Seoul? You’ll catch her wearing a long coat. Dealing with the heat? She’ll layer her look with a button-down. Because of that, you might want to start collecting some pieces you can easily throw on over your casuals.

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Guide to Applying Smart Casual Style for Men

KOMPAS.com – Smart casual is often the dress code for men to attend various events, whether going to the office or on a date.

This style of dress can make us look classy and sophisticated, but still relaxed and comfortable.

But if it is not implemented well, style smart casual can look boring and less attractive to look at.

What is smart casual?

Smart casual is basically a combination of two opposite words. Smart describes a neat appearance, while casual is a relaxed style.

It’s not surprising that people are often confused about the rules of this style. Hence, style smart casual often considered like blank paper that we can scribble on as we please.

We can combine a neat top with more casual bottoms, or vice versa. For example, wearing a blazer and jeans, or a t-shirt top with trousers.

Generally, this style of dress is used by men to go to events that are relatively relaxed but still formal, such as wedding receptions, dates or dinner parties.

Showing smart casual attributes is not as easy as combining a blazer with jeans. We need pieces of clothing that match so that they look complementary and don’t make us stand

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Casual style, 10 Tzuyu Twice style OOTDs that are easy to copy

Casual style is a type of fashion style that is popular all over the world, you know. Not without reason, casual style has many fans because this style is simple and comfortable to use in various activities.

Tzuyu Twice is one of the idols who is often seen wearing this casual style of clothing. Even though it’s simple, Tzuyu’s combination of styles looks fitting and really stylish. Curious? Listen, OK?

1. The combination of a white cropped t-shirt, army green shirt and ripped jeans in Tzuyu’s style is really stylish

Casual style, 10 Tzuyu Twice style OOTDs that are easy to imitateootd tzuyu twice (instagram.com/tzuyued)

2. Tzuyu also appears to be combining ripped jeans with a brown turtle neck t-shirt

Casual style, 10 Tzuyu Twice style OOTDs that are easy to imitateootd tzuyu twice (instagram.com/tzuyued)

3. Tzuyu also appears to be wearing a denim dress to look simple and comfortable, you can add accessories such as bracelets and rings, you know

Casual style, 10 Tzuyu Twice style OOTDs that are easy to imitateootd tzuyu twice (instagram.com/tzuyued)

4. Tzuyu also combined a lilac dress with a navy blue sweater

Casual style, 10 Tzuyu Twice style OOTDs that are easy to imitateootd tzuyu twice (instagram.com/tzuyued)

5. You can also combine a black dress with a denim jacket like Tzuyu’s

Casual style, 10 Tzuyu Twice style OOTDs that are easy to copyootd tzuyu twice (instagram.com/tzuyu.uwu)

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Smart Casual Ideas for Office Outfits in the Style of Hijab Celebrities

Who is often confused about what to wear to the office? Different from the past when they often wore formal clothes, now most companies allow their employees to be stylish smart casual. Style outfits this is a combination of style formal and casual, so it is comfortable and still polite to wear to work.

So, if you are a hijaber who is confused about what to wear, you can look for inspiration outfits on social media. As a reference, try copying a series of ideas smart casual For outfits to the office of the following hijab celebs. Listen until the end, OK!

1. Zafiradpa is charming in a combination of cream inner shirt, white palazzo pants and cream blazer. Even cuter with matching kitten heels

9 Smart Casual Ideas for Office Outfits in the Style of Hijab Celebrities, Elegant!Zafiradpa style smart casual outfit ideas (instagram.com/zafiradpa)

2. Meirani Amalia is super stylish wearing a black inner shirt, wrapped in a matching crop blazer with basic jeans

9 Smart Casual Ideas for Office Outfits in the Style of Hijab Celebrities, Elegant!Meirani Amalia Putri’s smart casual outfit ideas (instagram.com/meiraniap)

3. You can follow Dwi Handa’s style, wearing a brown maxi dress covered with a cream blazer and dad sneakers

9 Smart Casual Ideas for Office Outfits in the Style of Hijab Celebrities, Elegant!Dwi Handayani’s smart casual outfit ideas (instagram.com/dwihandayani)

4. Meanwhile, Yure Zalina chose a white inner shirt with matching wide pants

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OPINION: Denver Fashion Is Too Casual

Denver natives and transplants agree on one thing: Denver fashion is too casual.

On TikTok, many women have come forward to share their experiences feeling judged by their outfits. They say no one dresses up in Denver. Athleisure reigns supreme and any deviation from casual looks and natural colors is met with criticism.

“Since I moved here, I realized it’s almost cheugy to try to look nice,” said Abbey Mellies, who moved to Denver from Kansas City. “But I do still want to fit since I’m new here. I don’t want to stand out too much.”

Women are becoming so self-conscious of looking like they’re trying too hard that they’re turning to social media for outfit approval.

“Did I do good?” Mellies asked, wearing an oversized sweatshirt, crop top and ripped jeans. “Let me know.”

Photo from Abbey Mellies’ TikTok

Dressing even remotely fancy can lead to embarrassment.

Before entering a restaurant for her birthday dinner, Sydney Hulse sat in her car and braced herself for outfit backlash.

“I’m wearing a semi-trendy outfit, it’s not even that big of a deal, but I’m already feeling embarrassed because of the judgment I’m gonna face from freaking Denver, Colorado,” said Hulse,

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