Want to give your wardrobe an Acubi-Y2K twist? We made a quick style guide on how you can cop Huh Yunjin’s distinct style through her wardrobe essentials

Let’s be honest—when it comes to fashion, having a go-to fitspiration is the fool-proof cheat sheet for looking chic. It’s because you either think of these celebrities and influencers as your own guide due to your similar style or plan to recreate their fashion in the long run. One way to go about it is to figure out the clothes and accessories they usually wear so you can build your wardrobe from there. And with that, we’re putting the spotlight on LE SSERAFIM’s Huh Yunjin and her Acubi-Y2K-looking style, and how you can easily recreate it.

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Outerwear collection

When it comes to outerwear, best believe that the K-Pop star will have one on in any type of weather. Winter in Seoul? You’ll catch her wearing a long coat. Dealing with the heat? She’ll layer her look with a button-down. Because of that, you might want to start collecting some pieces you can easily throw on over your casuals.

Huh Yunjin style

All cropped

It’s no secret that we are still in the era of cropped hems, and Yunjin is no exception. However, she likes to give a fresh spin by following the current trends, and that’s why it feels like it’s not repetitive. You can always have your everyday-friendly tops, but make yourself open to different styles so it doesn’t look like you look the same every time you’re out the door.

kpop style

Make space for minis

May they be pleated or fitted, almost everyone has one mini skirt laying in their closet from last year’s list of trends. For the 22-year-old idol, she would often pair the piece with oversized tops to help accentuate her figure, which makes her look edgy yet dainty. This particular combo, the fit-and-flared silhouette, is a common practice that can accentuate one’s figure in a very low-key manner.

kpop style

Big specs

This might be more suitable for those who have a round-shaped face like Yunjin, but you can still give it a go and try it out yourself. She plays around with oversized eyewear that has different frames and shades so that it matches that Acubi-Y2K aesthetic, but she makes sure that most of them accentuate her charming features.

huh yunjin

Necklaces but chunky

Accessorizing has become the key to creating an outfit, and we have reached a point where conventional rules don’t apply when you’re styling accessories. We can see this very clearly with how Yunjin pairs her outfits with unusual choices of jewelry, especially her chunky necklaces, which are very much in trend to this day.

huh yunjin style

Photos: HUH YUNJIN (via Instagram)