4 Outfit Choices for Fat Body Owners, from Casual to Very Fashionable Formal

JATIM TIMES – Having a fat body, sometimes for some people, is enough to make them lack self-confidence. As a result, the clothes worn by the owner of this body are sometimes just the same.

People with fat bodies sometimes feel less confident wearing bright colored outfits. In fact, it will actually make your appearance fresher, you know.

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So, for those of you who have a fat body, here are 4 fashionable outfit choices that you can copy to make your appearance more different every day.

First, casual style. If you are used to wearing dark colored outfits, try now with colored clothes. For example, choosing this colorful striped t-shirt.

Then, combine it with white jeans and add a medium jeans jacket to support your outfit. Guaranteed, your casual style will look fresher and more cheerful.

Second, feminine style. You can have a feminine style by wearing a dress. For example, a mini dress with a wide neckline cut with a floral pattern in a combination of black and brown.

This type of dress with puff accents on the sleeves is also cute to wear.

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