Slow fashion movement picks up pace in SLO

Grace Longo sits up on their couch with a heap of yarn on their lap. Dark black goggle-like glasses covered their eyes as a bunny balaclava began to take shape from their fiddling needles.

Longo was crocheting, and had been for hours.

“I would pick it up, get it all tied into a knot, then throw it away, then pick it up another three months later,” Longo said.

Three days and one sleepless night later, Longo’s unique headwear was done and, just like that, all the long knots full of hours of frustration and desire were worth it.

“I wanted to be able to make things that I couldn’t buy,” Longo said. “Or ideas that I had, I wanted to bring them to fruition.”

Longo had created something unique for them, and it felt amazing, they said.

According to an article published by BBC, crocheting is a popular creative hobby these days, regaining popularity during the pandemic. With a push for more sustainable and conscious practices, the hobby falls into a bigger scheme, the “slow fashion” movement. At Cal Poly, the movement takes its shape in the form of communities working to lead their lives according to the movement’s core

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