The Must Know Fashion News of October 2022

The Must Know Fashion News of October 2022
This month’s fashion fix inquires on the elaborate way contemporary visionaries have tapped on symbols, motifs and color to lead some of fashion’s oldest houses into the new world.

Taking a heritage leather house — particularly an Italian one with all of the inherent tradition and conservatism of Milan’s Via Monte Napoleon in post-war Milan — and making it relevant to the present is daunting. It is especially so when that House is Prada, which never gained popularity until heiress Miuccia Prada helmed the role of creative director in 1978.

Expressing a constant affliction for subversion, her most notable change was her conviction for rethinking luxury fabrics, particularly the use of synthetics in garments and accessories, which were typically considered ‘cheap’. However, towards the end of the previous millennia, the House, once informed by leather goods, made an impact with its intuitive use of nylon. The material instantly became a hallmark trend in luxury fashion, even up till today. Even as fashion continues to be in constant flux today, a desire to reinvent Prada’s iconography was in order.

It was made more apparent with the appointment of Raf Simons as co-creative director alongside Miuccia Prada in 2019. The illustrious

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Pitti Uomo brings positive start to men’s fashion in 2024

In the aftermath of Pitti Uomo 105, Raffaello Napoleone, CEO of Pitti Immagine, expressed positive sentiments regarding the men’s fashion industry at the onset of 2024. Speaking to Pambianco News, Mr Napoleone reflected on the event’s closing data stating the palpable energy, enthusiasm and collective determination among industry players focused on key success factors. These include the commitment of companies to introduce stylistic innovations and materials aligned with evolving consumer trends.

Furthermore, the ability of top retailers and buyers to curate orders based on a combination of curatorial logic and commercial considerations was underscored, providing a platform for experimentation and exploration.

The January 12th edition saw a notable increase of around 4 percent in foreign buyers in terms of attendees and almost 6 percent in terms of sales points compared to the previous year. Conversely, the Italian attendance witnessed a slight decline, in line with expectations amid domestic market slowdowns observed in the previous months.

The total number of buyers reached 13,000, with approximately 4,700 being international participants. Among the top countries in terms of turnover were Germany, Holland, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Spain, France, Japan, the United States, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Greece, and China.

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