Hottest New Men’s Fashion Statement: Brightly Patterned Socks

— — Practical and predictable as gifts, socks have the misfortune of being stuffed way under the tree and deliberately left off many wish lists.

That was until a footwear revolution, of paisley, pastel and polka-dotted hosiery started appearing on the ankles of American men.

This year, the nearly $6 billion sock industry will be front and center for gift exchanges, thanks to a fashion sock boom.

Just ask GQ.

“Socks are a very good intro for a guy who is just deciding I want to be more stylish,” says GQ style writer, Jake Woolf.

So, why socks? As a man comfortably perched on nearly every best-dressed list, Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade has the answer.

“Why not socks?… You get to see that tiny glimpse of a pattern or a design or a color that they (men) have on their totally different then their suit at that moment it gives me something about that person.”

And Wade is helping guys share a little about themselves, with now his third collection of socks with Stance Socks.

Snoop Dog, as well, is capturing some of the sock industry’s double-digit sales growth; he is teaming up with Sweden’s, Happy Socks, for a sock

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