Apart from being known as a country that has idol groups and dramas that many people like, South Korea is also trendsetter in this world fashion. Its minimalist and simple style makes many people like it.

Choice style the one that is most liked is outfits Korean style casual. Outfits This is usually worn at casual events so it is comfortable to wear.

Usually, Korean-style appearances are dominated by pastel colors and earth tones.

Here are some references that you can choose for a casual Korean look. Come on, see more!

1. Pleads Motif Jacket and Oversized Culottes

11 Simple Casual Korean Style Outfits for Hanging Out

Korean outfits style This first casual is fairly simple and you can easily use it as inspiration.

First, wear a jacket or shirt with a pattern plead or boxes. Then, select subordinates oversized culottes to give the impression of hanging down.

To complete the sweet and feminine impression, add accessories headband to decorate your hair. Korean outfits style It has a distinctive motif and color selection.

Motive plead is a motif that is widely used for all Korean fashion items. Meanwhile, color earth tones like beige is also their characteristic.

2. Long Coat and Denim Jeans

11 Simple Casual Korean Style Outfits for Hanging Out

In Korean dramas, you will often see the players wearing items long coat like this. This fashion item has become a characteristic of outfits Korean style casual in winter.

For the combination, you can wear inner black length and bottom jeans denim. Meanwhile, for accessories, choose white shoes that always match everything outfit-your.

However, outfits You should use this if you are in a cold place. The reason is, long coat It is designed to be warm to protect against snow.

If you wear it in Indonesia in the summer, then get ready to be hot.

3. Striped Sweater and Earth-Tone Culottes

4. Pleads Motif Overalls and White T-shirt

5. Sky Blue Shirt and Oversized Culottes

6. White Bone T-shirt and Brown Button Skirt

7. White Shirt, Vest, and Denim Jeans

8. Plead Skirt and Beret Hat in Black Shades

9. White T-shirt and Unfinished Jeans

10. V-Neck Knit Sweater and Pleated Skirt

11. Striped Shirt and Beige Culottes