The male-centered fashion retailer is on a mission to bring classy and timeless back in style, accomplishing the near-impossible of making luxury and functionality accessible and affordable

The disparity that exists between progress made in the menswear market versus other fashion demographics in Africa, is too wide to ignore.

The good stuff is either overpriced or unavailable–often both; the market is saturated with apparels that are trend-oriented, grossly disappointing in terms of versatility or longevity; and even where all of these criteria have somehow been satisfied, it will typically be deficient in providing a sufficient catalog of options that suits personal taste and style.

The brains behind ReallyNiceShirts simply couldn’t get behind the fact that this was the way it had to be, and so, even though they started out primarily sourcing for premium shirts for the gentlemen who wanted to move from trendy-cool to classy-cool, they have since diversified their interests to accommodate several other demands of the gents for whom a refined, timeless, yet wallet-friendly wardrobe is the goal.

“It would appear that men get the short end of the stick when it comes to fashion inclusivity in Africa,” Founder and CEO of ReallyNiceShirts, Emeka Chukwu, says. “If you disagree, I would like you to try and see how quickly you can get your hands on a navy-colored Polo in size XXXL, just as an example.

I would bet that it doesn’t exactly come at the snap of a finger. I don’t think that it needs to be a Herculean task for men–regardless of weight, height, or color preferences–to find tasteful, timeless and reasonably-priced clothes to wear.

I want to give them this, and I want to do so in the fastest delivery time possible.” ReallyNiceShirts first appeared on the scene in 2018, with a team of two. The focus was on making high-quality designer shirts accessible to customers who appreciate finer details and superior craftsmanship.

What began with a team of two has since expanded to a team of fifteen, and with that, also, has come an expansion of the products that they offer. Now, not only luxury shirts are in stock, but also trousers, shoes, and other accessories desirable for the fashion-forward gentleman. Since its incipience, ReallyNiceShirts has run with the values ​​of reliability, transparency, innovation, inclusiveness, and excellent customer service.

Six years later, these values ​​still set them apart with their customers. They particularly pride themselves in being able to provide what is, arguably, the swiftest delivery of items purchased on an e-commerce fashion store in Nigeria. The menswear market in Africa could do with a custom-tailored brand like this one.

The balance that this vision seeks to introduce to the African fashion ecosystem is a breath of fresh air and a long stride away from the days where only the upper-class could afford to be classy and sophisticated in style.

As their mission statement reads, the goal of ReallyNiceShirts is “to become Africa’s leading male-centred fashion retailer, dedicated to meeting the needs of the fashion-forward gentleman, by taking on the challenge of merging luxury and functionality with affordability and accessibility, and doing it all with impeccable customer service.”

You should visit their e-store at and browse through their catalog of classic pieces, ranging from Oxford shirts, to Polo shirts, to jeans and chinos pants, to Clarks shoes and more, in a wide range of colors and size options. Or if you prefer an in-store experience, they have their walk-in store located at 14 Shofidiya close, off Ogunlana Drive, Surelere, Lagos.

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ReallyNiceShirts is an African male-centred fashion retailer, rising to the challenge of merging luxury and functionality, making it accessible and affordable to the fashion-forward gentleman, and doing it with impeccable customer service.

In a quest to solve the problem of shopping, for the average man in a 3rd world country, Emeka Chukwu decided to establish ReallyNiceShirts to successfully help the shopping experience become as effortless as possible, with door-to-door deliveries to your office, home , or village. ReallyNiceShirts is a company balanced on the virtues of simplicity and satisfaction.